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Buy & sell shipping containers on commission basis from array of vetted partners on container trading marketplace. Call to check availability now!!

With Network Agents Nationwide and good contacts with leading containers traders, Suvidha Sharma can provide customers cargo worthy new & second hand containers. Also she helps operators to sell their scrap containers and also replace them with cargo worthy units. 

We also undertake Container Fabrication in yards to repair minor damages and customise the containers as per the customer’s requirement be it office cabin or coffee shops what ever it is catering the needs with ISO standards.


About Container Trading

The business of buying and selling containers is decades old affair. But in this short time, container trading has revolutionised global trade & even created new economic opportunities all across the world. Though the process of trading is not simple, that's where Suvidha Sharma can help. The trading industry is highly dependent on networking and manual processes. You’ll find it surprising to know that traders like Suvidha spend most of their time building networks to leverage any buying or selling opportunities. 

Shipping Container Purchase Benefits

Buying a used Shipping Container from Suvidha Sharma's source means even more advantages:

  • Short delivery times;

  • Great quality with attractive/budgeted pricing;

  • Excellent customer service;

  • All in-house : transport, storage, repair.

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